Courses for the Medieval Studies Major and Minor are composed of a dedicated core of three Medieval Studies courses [MDVL 210 (3); MDVL 310 (3) and the research intensive course, MDVL 490 (3) , which are required for Medieval Studies Majors; Minors must take MDVL 210 and MDVL 310. In addition, MDVL 301 (3); MDVL 302 (3)  D; MDVL 449 (6.12) C] may be offered. These dedicated Medieval Studies courses are supplemented with a range of Approved Courses in Medieval Studies offered by various departments in the Faculty of Arts.

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MDVL: Medieval Studies

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Winter 2022

MDVL210 Introduction to Medieval Studies Sections

A survey of the study of the medieval period in Western Europe (400-1550), integrating history, literature, and the arts; topics vary from year to year; interested students should consult the Medieval Studies Advisor.

This course introduces students to both the Middle Ages as a subject, and to the interdisciplinary nature of the study of the period. Through a progression of thematic sections, students encounter a range of historical, literary, and artistic material from medieval Europe. The course begins with the fall of Rome and the spread of the migratory tribes of Germanic peoples (Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Franks, etc.) across Northern Europe. Britain will be our case study for this early period, as we examine how the pagan Anglo-Saxons were converted by the Christian missionaries, thus becoming part of a wider medieval Christendom. From here we move to cover the social structure of the medieval world, taking as our guide the Dubyian framework of The Three Orders.

MDVL301 European Literature from the 5th to the 14th Century Sections

Selected works from the 5th to the 14th centuries in their cultural and social contexts.

What is a liberal arts education? A course in the Faculty of Arts? What does it mean to be a student at a university? What’s the point of reading? Or of lifelong learning? What are the personal, public, social, and cultural purposes of all these things? In this interdisciplinary course we will explore some answers to these questions—as current now as they have been over the last several centuries—offered by some Medieval texts written in European vernaculars and in Latin, and having an influence throughout Medieval Europe. While our principal focus will be the study of literary works, we will also explore the historical landscape in which these landmarks are situated; the cultural background against which their actions are staged; and their relationship to an integrated creative and intellectual environment—including visual and plastic arts, music, ideas, and the sciences.