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Winter 2019
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History of Women in Early to Late Medieval Muslim Societies
This course introduces students to the history of Muslim women, examining their roles, images and experiences in the social, political, economic and legal contexts of Muslim societies from the rise of Islam to the late medieval period (7th-17th c. C.E.). Adopting a topical approach, emphasis is placed on the variety of Muslim women’s experiences, to analyze the ways Muslim culture defined the place of women during different historical periods and how women worked to comply or resist these definitions.

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Winter 2019

NEST301 Early Empires of the Ancient Middle East Sections

A history from 3100-333 BC with emphasis on Mesopotamia.

NEST304 Ancient Egypt: The Archaeology of the Land of the Pharaohs Sections

The material remains of the ancient Egyptians from monumental tombs and temples to the artifacts of daily life; the development of Egyptian civilization from the rise of the first rulers to its incorporation into the Roman Empire.

NEST313 Introduction to Middle Egyptian Sections

Language of Ancient Egypt and the main literary texts composed during the Middle Kingdom.

NEST402 The Archaeology of the City in the Ancient Near East Sections

The material manifestations of urbanism in the ancient Near East, from the 4th millennium BC up to the 1st millennium BC. Credit will be granted for only one of NEST 402 or 506.

NEST500B Studies in Near Eastern Archaeology in the Bronze Age - STD NE ARCH BRNZ Sections