Major in Medieval Studies


When first year students select courses they should include, if they can, History 101, which puts Medieval Studies in its historical context. When selecting courses for the second year students should, if they can, include English 220 and the required Medieval Studies 210.

Additional credits might be selected from Classical Studies 211 and 212 (cross-listed as Philosophy 211 and 212), Art History 225, Latin 100, or Music 120, depending on your interests.

The following Faculty requirements must also be fulfilled: 6 credits of first year English, Literature, Language, and Science. A number of courses in Medieval Literature in various departments meets the Literature requirement and may be taken out of interest. The Faculty of Science has devised several courses especially for Arts students, but some of them must be delayed until third or fourth year.


Programs of study are developed together by the student and the Medieval Studies advisor. The advisor tries to work the interests of the student into a program which is integrated, coherent, and manageable. Courses may be combined in a variety of ways. For example, History courses combine well with courses in Art History and Literature; courses in Philosophy work well with History and Literature; courses in Music and Philosophy combine well, and so forth. Those courses supervised directly by the Committee for Medieval Studies may be used to integrate material from a variety of disciplines. In total at  least 42 credits: 12 lower-division credits and at least 30 upper division credits, including MDVL 210, MDVL 310, and MDVL 490 are required.

The changes in the Medieval Studies Major and Minor programs appearing in the 2014-15 Calendar affect students declaring a medieval Studies program in 2014W; MDVL 310 and 490 are required. MDVL 210 will be required of students declaring in 2015W and after.