Holy Land Maps

An excellent source  of late Medieval and Early Modern maps of the Holy Land, this site includes great images with high resolution. Although the earliest map on the site dates to 1462, several of the maps are in fact reproductions of classical cartographic endeavors (e.g. the site features several 16th-century renditions of Ptolemy’s 2nd-century maps).

Internet Medieval Sourcebook – Maps and Images

Devoted to copy-permitted maps and images, this section of the Sourcebook offers an extensive list of Modern maps showing Medieval boundaries and areas; maps are listed according to geographical region and historical era.

Jerusalem Virtual Library

This virtual library enables free access to an extensive collection of digitized historical materials and primary sources about Jerusalem. The site includes photographs, documents, maps, illustrations and inscriptions.

La Géographie d’al-Idrîsî

Part of the BNF site, this link provides access to images, texts, and videos related to the 12th-century Andalusian geographer and cartographer, Al-Idrisi, and his world atlas. Although exclusively in French, the site presents interactive features and details of the atlas that will be useful for all individuals pursuing this topic or 12th-century maps in general.