Medical Illustrations

The Mackinney Collection of Medieval Medical Illustrations

An indispensable tool for those researching Medieval and Early Modern medicine and medical imagery, this site provides access to an extensive collection of medical illustrations dating from the 6th to the 16th century and gathered from more than 30 institutions and libraries. Users can browse by many topics, including: subject, language, and date. The site also offers a list of related resources (e.g. bibliographies and other digital collections).

Islamic Medical Manuscripts – U.S. National Library of Medicine

An excellent source of information and imagery related to Islamic medicine and science during the Middle Ages, this site includes biographies, extensive historical accounts of medieval medicine and science, a glossary of medical, scientific, and book-production terminology, and a catalogue raisonné (including images) from the 300 or so Persian and Arabic manuscripts in the National Library of Medicine.

Medieval Manuscripts – U.S. National Library of Medicine

The focus of this site is the medicine and medical literature in medieval England, with particular emphasis on a 12th-century manuscript entitled Treatises on Medicine. Though not extensive in scope, the site does provide useful introductory information on the manuscript and its context (e.g. the Articella, Arabic influence, Salerno, and English medieval medicinal practices).

UCLA Index of Medieval Medical Images

This site provides visitors with medieval manuscript images (up to the year 1500) with medical components held in North American collections. Visitors can search the database using keywords.