Islam: General Resources

Glossary of Islamic Terms and Concepts

This glossary provides an alphabetical overview of Islamic terms and concepts.

Internet Islamic History Sourcebook

This site provides a list of links to texts that address the history of Islam. As the site is not dedicated specifically to the Medieval period, users will have to browse the links for relevant sources.

Internet Medieval Sourcebook: Islam

This section of the Internet Medieval Sourcebook provides a selection of texts related to a variety of aspects of Medieval Islam (e.g. History, Philosophy, Literature, etc.).

Princeton Digital Library of Islamic Manuscripts

This site provides access to the Islamic manuscripts in the collections of the Princeton University Library. The manuscripts are chiefly in Arabic but also include Persian, Ottoman Turkish, and other languages of the Islamic world; they date from the early centuries of Islam through to the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Subjects covered by the manuscripts include Theology, Law, History, Biography, Book Arts and Illustration, Language and Literature, Science, Magic, and the Occult.