Medieval Paleography

An Introduction to Palaeography (University of Leicester)

This site offers tutorials that will help users learn the paleography of Medieval and Early Modern texts. Also included is useful information on different types of texts and relevant bibliography.

Abbreviationes Online – Medieval Abbreviations Made Easy

A tool for deciphering and transcribing medieval Latin manuscripts, the database provided by this site is designed for both learning and teaching paleography. Free trial accounts are available; a personal subscription costs 99 Euros. UBC does not yet have a subscription.

Adriano Cappelli: Lexicon Abbreviaturarum (University of Köln)

This site provides scans of the 1928 German version of the Latin-Italian Abbreviation Dictionary by Adriano Cappelli, the most common printed text in use.

Medieval Latin Paleography (Stanford University)

The Resources Page for the Stanford course on Medieval Latin Paleography, this site contains links to “General Tools” useful in the study of Paleography as well as links to a series of British manuscripts available online for study.