Welcome to the Medieval Studies Program at the University of British Columbia.

UBC Medieval Studies is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program. This means that undergraduate students are not restricted to any single department while pursuing their Medieval Studies major or minor—instead, they take courses in multiple departments with leading faculty members. The program offers students the opportunity to learn about medieval and early modern societies around the world, to understand the relevance of the past on the present, and to acquire multidisciplinary skills to support their career after UBC.

UBC Medieval Studies also organizes regular events, supports undergraduate opportunities, and promotes innovative research. Our mission is to advance the study and teaching of the medieval and early modern world at UBC and beyond.

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As a historian, the Medieval Studies program has provided me with invaluable tools to explore new topics and texts that help shape and inform my current historical research.

Devyn Patrick
BA History, Medieval Studies Minor
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I became involved in the Medieval Studies program through HIST 101: Global History to 1500 CE. I was fascinated with archaeological discoveries and how they shed light on human practices and lifestyles.

Raffaella Law
BA History, Co-convener of the Global Premodern Research Cluster (2023-24)