Affiliated Faculty & Researchers


Art History, Visual Art & Theory

Georgios Makris

Byzantine Art and Archaeology

Joseph Monteyne

Early modern English Art

Julia Orell

Song and Yuan Art

Saygin Salgirli

Early modern Ottoman and Mediterranean art and architecture

Asian Studies

Alison Bailey

Premodern Chinese literature

Stefania Burk

Medieval Japanese literature and women’s writing

Jinhua Chen

East Asian Buddhism

Hessam Dehghani

Premodern Persian Language and culture

Kay Duffy

Premodern Sinitic literatures

Nam-lin Hur

Premodern Japanese history

Christina Laffin

Premodern Japanese literature and culture

Joshua S. Mostow

Premodern Japanese literature and art

Naveena Naqvi

Persianate Islamic Cultures of South Asia

Peter Nosco

Early modern Japan

Sebastian Prange

Medieval Indian Ocean World

Bruce Rusk

Ming and Qing China

Adheesh Sathaye

Medieval Sanskrit literature

Hasan Siddiqui

Early modern South Asia



Mauricio Drelichman

Early modern Spanish economic history


English Language and Literatures

Patricia Badir

Renaissance drama and poetry

Dennis Britton

Early modern English literature

Siân Echard

Medieval literature

Nancy Frelick

Renaissance literature

Stephen Guy-Bray

Renaissance poetry

Elizabeth Hodgson

Renaissance English literature

Vin Nardizzi

Renaissance English literature

Mo Pareles

Old and Middle English literature

Stephen Partridge

Middle English literature

Robert Rouse

Medieval romance

Katherine Sirluck

Renaissance literature

Mark Vessey

Medieval and early modern literatures


French, Hispanic and Italian Studies

Raúl Álvarez Moreno

Medieval and early modern Spanish literature

Kim Beauchesne

Colonial Latin American literature

Daniela Boccassini

Medieval and renaissance Italian literature

Joël Castonguay-Bélanger

Early modern French literature

Elizabeth Lagresa-González

Early modern Hispanic literature and culture

Patrick Moran

Medieval French literature

Juliet O’Brien

Medieval French

Katharina Piechocki

Seventeenth-century Romance literature

Anne Salamon

Medieval French literature, philology



Courtney Booker

Early medieval Europe

John Christopoulos

Early modern Europe

Bonnie Effros

Late antique and early medieval history and archeology

Jessica Hanser

Early modern British Empire and China

Sara Ann Knutson

History and archeology of premodern Afro-Eurasia

Program Chair

Leo Shin

Later imperial China

Josh Timmermann

Late Antiquity & early medieval Europe

Shoufu Yin

Medieval and early modern China

School of Information

Erik Kwakkel

Premodern book history



Alexandre Fisher

Early modern music and soundscapes

Hedy Law

Music in early modern France



Fatema Amijee

Early modern rationalism and metaphysics

Margaret Schabas

Early modern philosophy, history of science



Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies

Megan Daniels

Ancient Greek Material Culture

Katharine Huemoeller

Roman History

Matthew McCarty

Roman Archaeology