Archivio della Latinità Italiana del Medioevo

This Italian site provides access to an archive of Medieval Italian texts written in Latin. No English options are available.

Bibliotheca Augustana

This site, largely in Latin, provides access to a collection of electronic texts in Latin, Ancient Greek, English, French, German and Italian, ranging from the Classical period to the Modern. Also provided are links to other sites of interest.

Dag Norberg, A Practical Handbook of Medieval Latin (Paris 1980)

This site, linked to a course on Medieval Latin, presents chapters from Norberg’s survey of Latin. The chapters cover the development of the language from the end of the imperial age to the later Middle Ages.

Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid (University of Notre Dame)

This site enables translation of terms (from Latin to English and English to Latin) and offers a wordlist intended to aid in the reading of Medieval Latin.

Latin Teaching Materials at Saint Louis University

This site presents materials to aid in the study of beginner and intermediate Latin.

Medieval Latin

This site presents 80 different Medieval Latin texts, with the texts listed either by author (e.g. Marbodus Redonensis) or title (e.g. Vita Caroli IV). The author of the site dissuades users from using the site as more than an on-line reading tool; users are urged to consult critical editions if viewing the texts for research purposes.

Medieval Latin – An Introductory Bibliography

The bibliography includes general guides to Medieval Latin, dictionaries, literary history, anthologies and readers.

Medieval Latin – Texts and Notes

Created for a course on Medieval Latin, this page presents texts used in classes. The texts are organized according to type (e.g. verse, documents, vulgate and exegesis, history/biography, sermons and preaching, and humanism).

Medieval Latin Stories – Two Tales from the Middle Ages in Latin

This site provides the full Latin text for two Medieval stories: “The Proud Emperor” (13th century) and “The Clever Thief” (ca. 1200). An excellent tool for improving Latin reading skills, the site provides a list of important words for each excerpt (with English translations), along with useful translations of key phrases within the Latin text.

Medieval Women Writers

This site is intended as a tool for incorporating texts by Medieval women writers into Latin and French classes. The section on Latin texts presents a poem by Constantia, a preface to a group of plays by Hrotsvit of Gandersheim, and an excerpt from the Itinerarium Egeriae; the Occitan section presents a song by a female troubadour. Though limited in scope, most of the entries are accompanied with a bibliography and related links.

Repertorium Chronicarum – A Bibliography of the Manuscripts of Medieval Latin Chronicles

The aim of this site is to record the location of every known manuscript of every known Latin chronicle of the Middle Ages. The Repertorium Chronicarum is intended to assist scholars in rapidly surveying the genre of Medieval chronicles to determine which texts are relevant to their own work, and then in finding their way to the manuscript sources of particular chronicles. Included are all Latin narratives of public events, spanning from the beginning of the 4th to the end of the 15th century.