Transfer Courses

Transfer courses are also eligible for lower-level credit in Medieval Studies Major and Minor Programs.

For example: this lower-level course at Corpus Christi College:

ENGLISH 252 Celtic Mythology (3 credits)

Term 2, January 2014; Instructor Jessica Hemming, Ph.D. (Celtic Studies)

To register contact Maria Sarte, Coordinator of Enrollment (

This course introduces students to the pre-Christian beliefs and practices of the ancient Celtic peoples, to the extent that we can reconstruct them from archaeological and Classical sources for ancient Gaul and from medieval Irish and Welsh literary sources. The course also gives students a basic introduction to some of the theories and methodologies of comparative mythology. It provides useful background for further studies in medieval history and literature, comparative religion, and cultural anthropology.

This course transfers to UBC as “second-year literature unassigned.” If you decide to take this course and need it—or another transfer course on a medieval topic—to meet lower-level requirements in your Medieval Major or Minor program, bring the course syllabus to meet with the Medieval program advisor. She will apply the credits appropriately to your program once you have declared your Medieval major or minor on the SSC.