Medieval Studies Research Guides

Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Association of College and Research Libraries)

This site offers sources for Medieval and Renaissance studies of Western European countries. Included are online manuscripts, journals, images, and texts, as well as lists of related institutes and organizations.

Medieval Studies Library Guide (Stanford University)

This site provides a list of links to references for Medieval Studies. Included are texts, collections, bibliographies, indexes, and lists of sources according to subject (e.g. Anlgo-Saxon, Arthurian, Medieval Latin, etc.).

Medieval Studies Online (Institute for Medieval Studies, University of Leeds)

This site presents links to medieval resources online. The site provides a general menu (organized according to geographical area and field), with an annotated list of sites below. Easily navigated, the site provides links to a wide variety of areas of interest within Medieval Studies, including but not limited to Medieval Drama, Religion, Topography, Numismatics, and Philosophy.

Medieval Studies Research Guide (Yale University Library)

Though not large in scope, this research guide does feature links to relevant and useful bibliographies, online databases and manuscript collections.

Online Resources for Medieval Art and Architecture (Harvard College Library)

This well-organized site is a guide to selected online resources for the study of medieval art and architecture.  The site provides links to online access to primary sources, library catalogues, dictionaries, liturgical resources, maps, and so on.  Each link is accompanied by a brief and useful description.

Research Links (UCSB Medieval Studies)

This site for Medieval Studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara provides research links for databases, indices, and catalogues.

UBC Early Romance Studies Research Cluster On-Line Links

The site, not without a little humour, includes a lengthy list of links relevant not just to Romance Studies but to Medieval Studies in general: Linguistics and Literary Resources; Manuscripts and Manuscript Studies; Cultural Resources; and Four-Star One-Stop Resources.

Web Links (Harvard University Committee on Medieval Studies)

This site provides an alphabetical list of related links.  Unfortunately, several of the sites listed are no longer available, and many links come directly from The Labyrinth.